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Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen

Two periods in this season; three weeks on Christmas and more than two months on the Spring. More than thirty lines, some new ones for me, some new variations and one first descent on Argentire Base. And of cource Mont Blanc West Face on Beneditti variation, it was second time to me ski this huge face. Not so good winter what comes to weather, but I am satisfied that could ski so many lines.

My motivation to ski steep lines is not so high anymore. I have done it so many years that it doesnt give me anymore so high feelings. Skiing is more like training and nice doing. My main focus is training triathlon and skiing is really good basic training for that. Jespers accident affected a lot to my motivation. But any way I am happy that he´s fine and will come back even stronger!

Greatest pleasure to me was Janitas great season. She skied five 5.1-5.2 grades lines and more easier lines. Her skiing was more stronger and independent that ever. Mentally she has come stronger and she has now the same passion than I was a few years ago. It was great to share my loves excitement after hard days.

My motivation to thriathlon is really strong now. I am in good condition and summer programme is fixed. Lot of races and hard training. Main races are Tahko full Ironman and on Autumn Ironman 70.3 in Pula. On this season results are not most important whereas I can do lot of training hours and races to get hardness.

Next winter season I will come back to Chamonix and hope that we will get the Great Lines and good exercises.

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