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Mikko Salonen


On a road trip from central Finland to Lofoten islands I had chosen Lyngen as one place I want to visit on the way. I had heard so many stories from there so I had to see it for myself. It was already June but I was confident that I will find some snow there so had I packed my snowboard and the other necessary gear with me.

Patrik who was the host in our guesthouse (Magic Moutain Lodge) suggested on our arrival day that I could try the north tip of Lyngen peninsula for snowboarding in the midnight sun. It was quite a long drive and when we got there I saw that the snow had already melted. So the first attempt to snowboard in Lyngen in June wasn't very successful but at least we saw some amazing scenery on the evening drive.

Next day Patrik described a number of locations to me and I chose Fastdalstinden which was located near the lodge. I was able to drive up a small road that ended to a parking lot full of potholes at 100 meters height from sea level. There were sheep with their lamb around the parking lot and up the hill from there and no sign of snow of course.

From the parking lot I started hiking up a hiking trail. The first 300 vertical meters were quite steep but the trail made climbing easier. In the half way of this part there was even a picnic table for having a break. At 400m from sea level there was a shoulder in the hill after which the terrain became much less steep. That was also where the snow line was and a little higher there was a second picnic table for my second break. I was now in a valley that had an artificial lake at 500m height and my target Fastdalstinden peak on the opposite side of the valley.

To get to the bottom of Fastdalstinden I had to go around the lake about 2km. It was quite a magical feeling to be the only person in this valley and the only sounds being cuckooing and rippling sounds from small streams of water. Because it was the first off piste trip I made alone I was being extra careful: there were several snow covered little streams on my route and I didn't want to get dropped into one so I walked a longer route along the dams. I also chose the safest route when going up Fastdalstinden.

As I had ascended for a while and kept checking the snow conditions the avalanche risk didn't worry me too much but I also realized that the ride down wasn't going to be very good either (the snow was so sticky). I decided not to go for the top at 1275m but rather save more strength for the way back. So I climbed a little more and chose a good place for having a picnic and taking in the beautiful view.

Then I rode down to the valley and headed back hiking and riding all the possible spots on the way. I was back at the parking lot seven hours after I had left it and I felt that I still had a lot of strength left. Well, better that way.

Lyngen must be a terrific place earlier in the spring when the snow conditions are better. And a splitboard would be a very handy piece of equipment for snowboarding there.

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