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Kuvaaja: Mikko Salonen


Juha Salonen

Rinne Loukkaantuminen

-20 C, broken Dynafits, twisted thumb and monoski - what a day! It was the second run and I lost my balance. The next thing I saw was my boots without skis and half of my Dynafit binding still hanging on the boot. Both front bindings just popped out with their screws. Well, off to the rental shop and I got a pair of new Atomic Access skis. Quite easy and fun skis.

We skied a couple of hours more and then I got a friendly offer from Riihivuori ski instructor Martti to try monoskiing. I couldn't resist and I jumped to the 80's. ;) Martti showed me the moves and I was able to come down the hill a couple of times. Fun and heavy stuff for your buttock muscles. Thanks again for the introduction Martti!

Afterwards I noticed that I had twisted my thumb I can't move it at the moment. Well, it was nice to hit the slopes in a crispy weather even with the small accidents.


Mikko Salonen


It was chilly but nice weather, the slopes were very good and of course there were no crowds or queues :)
And Martti's monoski introduction to Juha was something new to take a few photos of.

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Martti Kontula sanoi 2012-12-25 15:47:43 UTC

Juha has a natural talent for monoskiing. The only prove you need is the fact that he's still alive after the first runs ;) Nice pics Mikko!