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Kuvaaja: Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen


What a Day!
Never climbed so fast to Courtes, two and half hours to top after we changed skins. Condition to bootbacks was perfect and my Italian friend Davide Capozzi inspired us full speed! First time we finally did some line together. With him was new skibuddy to me, Giulia Monego. She is one of the strongest female steep skiers who I have ever seen, nice technics and strong mental. It pleasure get to know skiers like they are.
Great pics come from Miku who has been my reliable ski buddy many years. And of couse Jesper was there too :)
By the way we skied Angeliga and climbed NE Courtes. Its funny, couse now a days it not so important to my what we ll ski, more important is just doing .

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